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QUESTION: Inbal, Can you do a reading on my problem with relationships.  In the past, I've gotten into relationships because I thought it was what I was suppose to be doing. When I was young, I also didn't know how to say no.  Once in them, I don't  like being in them.  I've been in very few relationships.. Maybe five.   Now that I am older, I feel such a dread when someone shows interest in me. I have been trying so hard to understand why I feel such dread.  Last month a man who has been trying to get my attention got very angry at me for not responding to him.   I felt really bad for hurting his feelings and at the same time I cannot bring myself to respond with a yes.  I feel like something is wrong with me.  What do you see is my problem.  Lisa 19 July 1960

ANSWER: Dear Lisa
i coudl not see what was the problem exectly other that you are constantly trying to do what you think you are sopoused to be doing- you are not sopoused to be doing what other people expect you to do you sopouse to follow your feelings when you feel like saying yes just as when you feel like saying no- I think your main problem is communication you have to practice how to speak about your feeling loud and clear , maybe not every one will be happy with it but this is how you are and you should not try to be anyone else neither any one else will have to live with your choices but you. be yourself when you feel like saying something say it out loud you have to realize no one is a mind reader and they cant guess if you dont tell them how you feel. as for someone being angry with you for not responding to his needs you are not mother Theresa and you dont have to respond to any one if you dont feel like doing it. if they dont like it than they should stay away or if I was allowed to speak directly stfu. lol. be proud of who you are and say it loud any one who does not like it is welcome to step away-

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QUESTION: Thank you Inbal.  It's amazing how you picked up on the other man I had to reject.  There were actually two men that were interested in me.  The one you picked up on is having health issues so you are correct in saying, "I'm not Mother Teresa."  The other one got extremely angry with me.  Thank you for your advice.

Honey when my clients tells me they try harder to please everyone I tell them to stop doing it because if everyone would be happy I would be jobless. lol. just joking. you be you I am sure some guys out there will have enough brain to understand its a treasure to have you and those who does not let them walk away


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