thank you for your time and energy in taking my question. I am self supporting, i have no income and need a job. Will I get a job offer from the university that I applied to and interviewed with? thank you and god bless...nancy 2/16/1956

Dear Nancy,
Thank you for your question…..    :- )
Your question was:

" I am self supporting, i have no income and need a job. Will I get a job offer from the university that I applied to and interviewed with? thank you and god bless...nancy 2/16/1956"

Nancy, you are lady with such a beautiful heart and this is how you’ve gone through life…always trying to do your best to help others and see good out of any bad situations. The company or organisation you work for will be lucky because you are a person who works well, is thorough and very trustworthy. You don’t find that often anymore. You definitely don’t like to get bored, this is clearly shown to me…and if you happen to be in a job, it’s not about the money so much, it’s more about you not becoming stuck in a rut with a job that bores you to tears.

You love to work with others and if anyone has a problem, they most likely come to you for advise, you just have that way about you…and they pick up on this warm energy.

I am shown that your life will become more stable now, as you have gone through some instability recently…where things were not what they appeared to be.

Nancy I see you will be doing a course of some kind and this could be suggested to you by someone, and through this you will get a position you apply for. I am shown a new job for you now…a new position is however shown within the next 2 months. Also, if I may bring to your attention, that there may be someone around you with an untrustworthy nature....your natural, intuitive nature will guide you here.

I hope I have managed to answer your question.

Love and blessings always


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