I'm Christine born Sept 12, 1986. I just came from a break-up last Feb. Somehow I was able to move on by diverting my attention to someone. I started to like this guy but then we are only friends. I just wondering if someone new will come to my life that has marriage potential? Thanks.

Dear Christine,

Thank you for your question. As I volunteer here to help people like yourself who need clarity and answers to life's challenging problems we're faced with...I am only able to give a brief answer, I hope that is ok? :)

I'm sorry to hear that you had a breakup last February. Although you tried to move on from this and meet someone are still emotionally connected to this guy and slowly in time if you can release all emotions connected with him, then the universe will bring a new partner into your life...when you're ready ok? (hugs)

Christine I am shown that you are quite  a strong person within, and you have a heart of gold. I see that you are very observant with things that go on around you and you miss nothing. You take your responsibilities in life quite serious and you work hard and people can count on you….but heaven help the person who does not show appreciation for what you do for them :- )

Christine, you will meet a great guy…but remember…work on releasing all emotional connections you still have within you from the breakup….whether these are good emotions or negative emotions that make you angry or sad….let them go ok?

The guy you meet I am shown is quite conservative and doesn’t rush into things…so you will meet him and things will slowly develop, you may even think he doesn’t like you as you like him, but he will fall in love with you quickly. You will find this guy likes order around him and he loves you because he knows you are the same.

I also see a journey here Christine where you will travel over water.

Christine -  I hope I have managed to help you in some small way and answer your question :- ) things are looking good for you and I see a brilliant year ahead for you :- )

Hugs and blessings to you always



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