hi my name is Amy (female, March 21,1988). I've been with my current fiancé (Luke, male, November 6,1986) for 11.5 years now and are planning on getting married in a few weeks in June 4th, don't know lately my fiancé is not feeling the love anymore and that he doesn't feel it back somehow. it just makes me worry about our relationship and that he was my first love and yes sure we have our ups and downs, but we get through it. I just want to know if there is hope for us? he says that he loves me on some days other days he's not. I think that he might like someone else too and it might me worry. I don't know if he's confused or what. I really want a future with him but my heart is hurting a bit and all

Hello Amy, thanks for contacting me with your question, the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is showing you that it's the fact that this wedding date is approaching, this is it! total commitment! The love is there, but is it because you've both compromised this for something else? You know Amy it's not about Luke, but you're not feeling like you want to be with Luke anymore, you feel the need to be with another guy, it's not that Luke has another woman in mind. These few free mins have now ended with you here at AllExperts, wishing you peace and wisdom on your journey in life.


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I talk to Angels, Spirit Guides like my friends. I believe we're all intuitive, most just living in an illusion (the Maya). Angels liken us to beach pebbles, as we awaken..we realize we're diamonds. But this first awakening comes from the realization of self-love, as the key to the Universe is Love.

As we are all energy beings in our human body, I'm a HSP, taught by Teacher Spirit Guides

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