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Here is my question:
I studied Economics, and now I'm working at public field. Sometimes I doubt about myself. So,I would like to know if I will succeed in this career, if it was the right choice. I'm born on November 16, 1991. Thank you.

Dear Perpetue,

When I looked at your pretty face, I heard "basketball" and something about gardens, it went by so quickly I literally cannot remember what I heard pertaining to gardens. Blooming, fruitful, healthy, lovely. Two-sided personality; can be kind of androgynous when need to be. You can easily mold yourself to any situation or environment.

To answer your question, I'm not quite sure what you mean by "I studied Economics, and now I'm working at public field." If this means you're working in the field of economics, I feel like that might be too dull for you because I hear that you need to discover, learn, get answers, research, etc. It's something to do with solving problems through some kind of detection -- have you ever thought of police work, even as a 911 operator, or work with a sheriff's office, crime-related areas where you may not go straightaway into the "homicide division," but you're AROUND it.

I feel like you're bored and need a sense of stability, but you need change within that structure, if you see what I mean. I feel like it's working as part of a team, almost in the "emergency" sense, but being around that, not going straight to crime scenes or doing the actual research; it's the energy of the job environment that will excite and interest you. Judges, government jobs in anything related to criminal law, those kind of offices. I just don't see you working with numbers or dealing with finances -- you're not even very good at managing your own! (Joke, but true, eh?)

I hope this helps; I get a lot of "beauty" around you, you've surrounded yourself with lovely adornments, beautiful things, and that's always going to be important to your healthy state of mind.

God's Blessings,


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