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My nameis Kaitlin Ashley Black (maiden name Mack) October 27, 1986.  My question involves the late Daniel L. Schwarzen DOB August 27, 1986.  Dan and I dated for over a year until his use of prescription pain medication was too much to take.  He died within 2 months due to Tylenol poisoning or better know as painkiller overdose.  Since his death I rekindled a relationship with my ex Keith May 26 1985, we married, had a son, and are know going through a divorce due to Keith's infidelities and abuse.  When times get hard I have dreams of Dan and truly believe he was my true love.  In my dreams I may come to him in confusion and heartbreak and though he does not visibly speak I feel an overwhelming sense of love as if everything is going to be ok.  I have also had dreams where Dan comes across shaking his head as if to tell me what a shame or this is not right this happening.  I am often plagued with the "what ifs" wondering if we were able to convince him to go to treatment would we be together and happy.  There have been many times where I have felt his presence or felt as if someone was near or looking at me. If Dan truly did/does love me are my dreams a true connection to him still loving me and wanting me to be ok?  I feel he is still around me but I could be wrong.  Any insight would be much appreciated.  Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift.

Dear Katie
our relationship with people we love and are dead is very much up to us and how we hold them in our heart
one thing I can tell you is that the place where Dan and all the people who dies goes too is not exectly the heaven or hell we the living imagine and believe it and it is actually an infinite dimension of love and light where we are no longer suffering any physical attchment at all and yes we are able to feel strong love and light and it seems that your Dan is right there much because of you who keeps him in that place and visit him for that purpose on your hard times.
If someone abuses you and you allow it that mean you fail to love yourself enough and this may as well be the reason Dan is watching you and connected to you still.
Now since you are an ancient soul in this universe and so was Dan somehow you dig each other and in a sort of way communicating through your need and his endless supply of love. this is how you should remember that. between you and me I lost a husband 10 years ago I am happily married but still when times are hard from any reason I do the same as you, I go to my late husband and hide in the wave of love I feel when I am doing so and it helps me cope. we even have small dialogs running in my head and you know what? it is up to me to chose if I believe it is him or not and not to any one else.
Please step out from abusing relationship there is very lil chance you wil enjoy borin slow safe love with Keith and you deserves better. weather or not Dan was exhibiting his love to you in this world in his life time now it seem that you found a way to fix it and the two of you co exist with much love when its needed, there is nothing wrong with that but for making him happy even more , for helping him move closer to the light and love you have to start loving yourself and show him your taking good care of yourself and if you feel you are wrong it seem that this is only the result of you not having enough resources or people to show you that you are not. that should not stop you from finding good love because you can most definitely make a list of an ideal partner and ask Dan to help you with it. you might be very surprise from the positive surprises. you are in the midst of year number 9 in numerology you will be there until your coming birth date, in year like that we are able to manifest just about anything we wish and I recommend you to use that ability just for that to bring a good steady loving partner to your life someone that will comfort you for the hard time you went through. wishing you all the best


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