Hi I'm Marie born Sept 12. I just want to know anything about love or relationship. I feel so uninspired this past few months. I should be happy I was able to get out of my past relationship. But then someday my parents will be petitioned by my sister abroad and I'll be left behind all alone which saddens me. Thank you.

Dear Marie,

I'm hearing that you're worrying "ahead of time," and it's not necessary to put yourself through this -- I see "leaping ahead" and hear "leapfrog," as in getting ahead of yourself. It's easy to say, "It's too early to worry," but that's exactly what I'm getting. There is an "S" person around you, past or future, first or last initial, which would be positive, and I have a 7 on that, so the 7th of a month or July seems prominent. I don't quite know if I'm going backwards or forwards on this; just bear that in mind. It sounds like a "mix" of names, as in either the first name of this person is very common but the surname is uncommon, or the reverse. Also an "H" is around, but it isn't as strong.

I understand your wariness to be very guarded about who you allow into your love life, because I'm smelling burnt toast/bread, so I'm assuming you were quite "burned" or lied to, etc., something really painful, may have affected you physically, getting sick over it literally, but your fear of what it to come in the future is holding you back -- angels don't come near fear; they approach when you admit you're fearful, but ask for relief, so I'd use that technique to help calm yourself. Angels are very close to you, but again, they're not going to respond unless you ask (they are shy; I'm serious), and you must meet them halfway by remaining as balanced as you can.

Also I'm getting something about overeating or overindulging in something -- that's throwing you off balance as well. Don't start worrying about your parents' situation with your sister; it hasn't occurred yet, so in a sense, you're wasting your energy by anticipating that you will be "all alone," and when you feel that, you broadcast it to the universe, and other people will pick up on it, and it will also become real. Words and thoughts become THINGS. Back away from worrying about this. Angels want to help, call on them before you sleep each night, and names of angels don't matter -- don't get caught up in little details. Just say "Angels, please come to me; I acknowledge my fear of abandonment and need you near to protect me," and then thank them.

I feel like your love life will pick up within 7 months; until then, allow yourself to relax and not take on too much or force yourself to date/find someone. The person/people whom you can trust will be those who are introduced to you through your friends. Feel you have at least two steadfast friends, one older, one younger than you, and it feels important that you keep those relationships strong, because they can open doorways for you and introduce you to new people/love interests. It feels like one of those "friend of a friend" situations.

You won't be alone, so stop telling yourself that. I promise, if you keep it up and allow fear to engulf you, you WILL be alone, though -- you can easily change your own life circumstances by how you think. You don't need anyone's approval, so stop worrying about how you appear or "seem" to others. How you think of yourself is much more important. A Pisces person is around, and I don't know if it's past or present (there is no time in spirit as there is on Earth), but it feels significant and I see clear water, so it's a positive "go with the flow" feeling.

I hope this helps, and thank you for writing.

God's Blessings,


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