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My name is Chelsey my birth year is June 23rd and My significant other David's birthday is February 8th I was wondering If you could give me any insight into my long distance relationship what is the future like for us and does it look good? I'm so full of uncertainty considering we are so far apart.

Dear Chelsey,

This is very cut-and-dried, and I don't mean to be brief, but I strong feeling about it. I feel like this will work for quite a while if you can see each other at least once a month, but if you never see each other or are rarely able to, it won't last and likely has already begun to deteriorate. Don't be anxious over it; if you already feel anxiety, that's your soul telling you that it just isn't right in some way and you feel pressured, so it's perfectly alright to let it go, and he'll understand, and you'll both be relieved, if that's the case, and I feel it is. Not to worry so much!:)

God's Blessings,


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