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Hi, my name is anika, im female and born 20th June in london. I am happy with life but on and off as my friends start to couple up Im left thinking if I will ever find someone who is my soulmate, or if I have let them pass? Because I am a strong believer in karmic connections. I was wondering what your thoughts are on this? I had a previous attachment to someone about two years ago very on and off, but now I feel thats reached complete closure Im ready to move on!

Dear Anika,

This previous relationship -- were you married or at least engaged before -- I'm feeling someone who is a soul mate has already appeared -- but there isn't just ONE soul mate; we have many, and because you're putting energy into finding another, more long-lasting one, you will.

I see flowers, like in a nursery or greenhouse or florist shop connected to this, the outdoors, a celebratory feeling, but it's a business, like catering or event planning for special occasions like weddings, festivals, etc., and this is in the future -- there's a lot of yellow around you, sunflower color. This is about two years away (from what I can tell; I can't tell time in spirit).

You feel a bit unbalanced, like you're not comfortable with yourself in some areas. This will improve. When you begin to feel balanced, like every part of your life, physical, mental, emotional, financial, etc., is on an even keel, THEN someone will walk right in. Literally walk in somewhere. Do you work around rental properties or leasing homes or apartments -- it feels like you'll meet someone in that kind of environment, anything to do with real estate, dwellings, the person you meet will "walk in" one day, wherever you are (I see a small office), and that will be that -- it feels like a housing area, leasing, renting. I have a W and a V, first or last name initial. Capricorn/Cancer feels strong.

It's just a matter of working out the knots you've built up/need to sort out in every area of your life, and that will come, and when you feel 100 percent comfortable with who you are, he will walk in.

I hope this helps; these are the toughest questions because I can't measure time in spirit; it doesn't exist, and I get very little information.



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