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March 16th is my birthday.
December 11th is Bernards birthday.

I just got out of a serious relationship a few months ago and I was madly in love with him. I know he was crazy about me and thought that he was going to settle down with me but his path changed directions and we were not expecting it. I know we both did not want to leave each other but the universe was pulling us apart. My question is...will he try to come back? Break down and tell me how much his misses me?

Thank You.


Dear Alison,

I see a deck of cards, small cards, playing cards, like poker. Not sure what this means. I don't see the faces, but the backs of them. Some kind of casino feel to this. I don't know if this is connected to you or him, but I get it for some reason, and the backs of the cards are light red in colour; this translates to me as affection (pink-red = affection, love).

I feel a sense of being either pulled away without my consent, almost, or that there is someone in particular in his circle, his life, who does not want him to reconnect with you, and he seems unable to do what he wants, which does feel as though he wants to contact you but is being kept from it in some way. He is "furious" about something; not sure what. Has quite a temper. Keep seeing lots of red, but now a darker red, signifying anger, a certain fury. Feel he's sort of "lost himself" and needs help and time to regroup. Don't feel he will contact you unless it is a very brief message; I keep feeling he's almost confined.

I wish I had better news to give you, but I can and have been wrong many times. This is all I get.

God's Blessings,


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