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Hello, Hope your day is going well. thanks for giving of your precious time to do this.  I would love to know if I'm Headed in the right direction.  Going back to school for almost a year now in Criminal Justice(CJ). I'm at a cross roads. About to complete the diploma program for CJ. Considering staying in school and obtaining an associates in IT Network Security.  However, the school thinks I should continue on and go for an associates in CJ. I'm not sure how I would want to apply my education into a career just yet. I'm 53 and not getting any younger. Definitely to old to become a cop...HAHA. And I have some past issues(nothing terrible) that might pose a problem in government pre-employment screening policies. Also been having some health issues that put me in the hospital 3 times in the last 6 months.  Too much stuff going on.  Any way let me know what you see... CJ or IT or both?  Thanks a bunch and have a great evening.  Laura

Dear Laura,

Well, you're already lucky in life by your birthright: You're a pure 11/11, and I don't see that often. The double prime numbers, the infinite, have taught you many things, sent you to a bit of hell and back, but you've returned with great wisdom -- all is well and balanced now, and you're definitely on the right path once again. I feel you'll also live a long time -- longer than you think.  

Also, <<<<Appplause>>> for getting your diploma in Criminal Justice! Very cool, and right down your alley.

In fact, you could do just about anything and do it well -- that's why my immediate instinct is to put you in an Associate's for IT; that way, you can spread your knowledge base in two areas. Also, because you soak up so much knowledge, a diploma in CJ is like attaining a Associate's degree for most others. You just take it all in -- so to broaden your prospects in work, it feels like you should become knowledgeable about IT with a slight emphasis on security/hacking, spyware, etc., because you can still work in CJ as an IT professional -- but not go the straight government route. You can work around that, but not right in the midst of it -- the feds, etc., because you are right about those issues you mentioned -- they would become a deterrent to the narrow field of "the police." I also feel some freelance or remote-access work (not onsite) around you, as well.

There is a dog? One in particular, feels like, who is your "mate" and with whom you resonate -- could be a dog who just "comes around," but I feel he bounces off your energy and vice-versa. I hear "Dog and Butterfly" by Heart.

Go great guns forward with this: there's no doubt you'll do well -- and you're smart to listen to your own intuition/that nagging feeling about whether to go forward with an AA in CJ; if anything in life is questionable, the answer is always "no," but I'm glad you wrote and asked, and I hope this helped. Bigger checks will come with an Associates in IT, as well.

God's Blessings,


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