Hi Shepherdess,
I have a question regarding my career/family and would like your insight into this. I want to go back to university having made some bad choices in what i studied previously. I have my background in psychology and social work and would like to either use that or make a fresh start in my career having being unable to get a proper job in my area.  I am interested in either teaching, counselling or am looking looking at  doing law - although that would take a little longer to finish and with family life it might be a bit difficult. Can you please direct me in what area you think I would  be good in and get a good job basically as I have really struggled in the past with job prospects. I have a son who is a year and a half as well, so i would like something that would fit nicely around being able to study and raising a toddler. Can you please tell me what you see with this. There are two courses which are really of main interest to me  1) psychological therapy in primary care which is a competitive course and a bit difficult to get into and 2) a masters in counselling which would start in october next year. Do you see i will  get into any one of these
Sorry for the long essay but i really require some help with my career. It has bern at a stand still for so long.
Thanks for your help in advance
Dob - Nov 19
Name - Gayle

Dear Gayle,

Don't feel law is the area for you -- not now; maybe later in life, you can combine that with counselling/social work -- I feel you would do better to aim toward a master's in counselling right now, and while you gear up for it, do as much online counseling as you can; for example, there are three (or more) categories here on under which you can post your listing, because you already have a background in these areas and write/express yourself well -- this link and this link and this link would be applicable to your experience and educational background. Then, create a website and link it to your listing, if you'd like.

I recommend this site because 1) I'm certain of its authenticity, having volunteered here on and off for about 8 years and 2) you need exposure and experience whilst you await your master's programme, and you need to be able to reach out in a way that will give you this but without draining your funds that you'll be saving for your education; also, you'll be able to do this work at home with your child. This, or something like it in your area, will help tremendously, both for your personal feeling of success and for background volunteer experience -- you'll also be able to show the university that you've continued to work in some capacity, which counts for a lot.

Also feel you working around women, for the most part, and in what feels like a psychiatric clinic or hospital/centre -- I'm hearing suicide attempts, depression, in that area of counselling. I do feel you'll do well in master's coursework, and you'll also be able to work whilst in the programme. So this psychiatric feeling might simply be part of the upcoming coursework, not sure, but it's there. Feel you also have a personal family background history of this kind of illness and can relate to it.

I have a few "C" names that seem prominent/positive, first or last initial, male or female, but it's a "C" or "K" sound -- associated with positive work, positive relationships around your efforts toward higher education. It could even be someone close to you who is proud of you and will applaud your efforts in this endeavor.

Don't know why, but I'm not feeling much male presence around you, but you have a hardy, willful spirit that is self-propelled -- you have a personal need to do well in your career, and in your work, I feel strongly that you are compelled to "promote other people" -- so you're in the right vocation, for sure!

Good luck with this, and thanks for writing.

God's Blessings,


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