Keishia: June 6
Marlon: June 25 (I'm sorry, I do not have a photo of him)

Hello, I'm Keishia and I am coming to you about Marlon. We have been talking for almost 3 months now and only see each other on the weekends and sometimes every few weekends or so. He will contact me a few times in the week but usually if I don't contact sometimes we won't talk. He has mentioned that he's not a fan of texting or talking on the phone he prefers face to face. I live an hour away but I am planning on moving closer to find work. Last night (Saturday July 23) he seemed to be upset because he posted on his social media account something along the lines of "I've searched my whole life for you to be like that" "You don't smile or laugh" and "You're not a happy person so I had to cut it off" somewhere within those he text me a sad face but wouldn't reply to me after that and I also called twice but I think he would send me to voicemail. When I went back to look at the posts again he had deleted them. I am confused because I ran into him earlier in the night and he seemed fine. Everyone has always told me I'm a happy person and I am always smiling or laughing unless I am just minding my business but I am rarely angry or unhappy. I know I am just assuming the posts were about me but putting 2 and 2 together it makes sense. It's just upsetting that he would tell the internet and not me personally. My question is do you think I will hear from him?

Dear Keishia,

Yes, you will keep hearing from him off and on until you break this thing off -- he's back and forth with his moods, and he's not putting you first in his life. He's frankly not good enough for you; he isn't trying hard enough and being sincere with you the way a man who really loves you should be.

I don't get good vibes with him at all. Feel you need to cut this off immediately, but I also feel he has a temper, so maybe to do it slowly would be best. I honestly don't like this person at all. Hurtful. Extreme mood swings that come with no warning. Unstable, not ready to be in ANY relationship right now, so stop allowing him to take up your energy like this. Find someone who is closer in proximity and who smiles, jokes, and laughs as frequently as you do -- they are not hard to find. You're working too hard for the wrong person.

I hope this helps!

God's Blessings,


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