Hi Marie!
My name is Tatjana. I am female, I was born on 1st of february 1980. I was in a relationship since may 2015 with a man, Aleksandar, born on 9th of july 1985. We had good relationship full of love and understanding. He is very emotional and sometimes I felt suffocated by his emotions. That's the main reason we had a fight in may 2016. He backed up and never called because he felt hurt by me. I called him first after a month and we met. At first he seemed angry and hurt but as the evening went on he asked me for some time to think about it all. I called him after a week and I said I miss him. We talked for an hour and agreed to meet soon. Again we met and now things seem more clear. He told me that he is afraid he will be hurt again by me leaving him. He said he was hurt and he buried himself in work and now he realized he has deadlines he can't meet and at the same time he is afraid of our relationship, if he gives me another chance that we will break up again. He has some abandonment issues I didn't know before (he was abandoned as a child by his father). But we talked a lot and I said to him I want to give us another chance especially now I know what his issues are. I said I love him and I never wanted to break up, I only wanted to take some time to think. He asked me gently for some more time to think about it all and he said he loves me still. I definitely want to make us work and I am willing to try. I sent him message for his birthday 2 days ago and he said he will contact me. My question is will he decide to give us another chance?

Hi Tatjana, I do believe he will give you another chance, just be sure to treat him the way he wants you to. He seems very gentle. I also think he will, because there's no one else around right now. I don't think there would be another for him for a while, even if he didn't decide to see you again. Don't worry, he'll come back, just let him make the moves in his own time. Thanks for your question-Marie


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I've taken beginner & advanced tarot lessons, with about 2 years of experience here at Allexperts. The experience has strengthened my skills to the point that my cards are no longer needed for me to do accurate reading.

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