Hello, my name is amber and my birthdate is MAR 3. Ever since I was 10 ive seen the number 143 everywhere. I see it at least 2-3 times a week. I've been told that it means I will come into some kind of money at some point in my life. Lately my fiance Brian (OCT 7) and i have been struggling with money and it's putting a big strain on our relationship. I guess my question is when will the struggle end, if at all? Will it be the death of our relationship? Thank you for your time.

Dear Amber,

Work on this, both of you. It will NOT be "the death of your relationship" UNLESS you keep thinking that way; keep these photos you sent out in public view, and discuss them; there is great love here, and this is your family. I'm hearing "can't go back." I know it may not seem like this now, but I feel you're rare soul mates, to use a term I dislike, but that's the one we're given!:)

Brian and the children are your family, and you and the children are his family. You must both see each other as your anchor that keeps you steady -- not the anchor that weighs you down.

Your repeating number 143 is more about your connection to the universal ether; it's more about you remaining on your path, and you're more psychic/intuitive than you may realize. You also have strength behind you always in the form of angels/guides, three in particular, but there is a main one I feel you're aware of. In numerology, of course, 143 adds up to an 8, which is the number of NEEDING financial security; it's more about the need for that stability than any windfall, though it does feel that you will receive some benefits through inheritance during your lifetime, because 8 also deals with other people's money.

Money issues: try every federal/county/state program assistance possible; feel you may qualify for one or more, whether it be coverage for food, health, even insurance. There's something you haven't looked into yet -- keep asking around, calling the services you DO know about to see where you can find other sorts of public assistance, because I keep hearing "you qualify," and I feel a sense of relief. I also feel a reluctance/embarrassment to ask for help among people you know might be able to, but throw that to the wind, because it's no time for pride. Tell people/circulate the information that you are going through difficulties. Talk to people more about this, and talk to more people! You're both holding back, it feels.

Also feel it's very, very important that you stay together -- to separate would make everything at least twice or three times as bad. This means you must communicate with Brian and reflect, even just once a day, how much you DO have. I don't see a need for this relationship to end; I feel very strongly that it's meant to last.

I feel like he has strong potential in political endeavors, either on a grass roots level or more aligned with a specific person or party, and should get involved in this; it could lead to more work, though I feel it might occur later on in his career, but it definitely resonates in his energy. He kind of "needs" a cause to fight for because it fulfills him emotionally and connects him with group energy in a positive way; he feels almost like an Aquarius in what I call the "humanitarian" personality. It's kind of hidden; he doesn't get on a soap box often, but when he does, he's very persuasive and passionate.

Feel you're inclined to be assertive, act before you think at times, and his external pressures cause extreme inner nervousness and anxiety, which will cause him to act unlike himself. This is partially just your natural, knee-jerk reactions to financial hardship (as well as any other stresses), but you are honestly stronger together and create higher energy together than you would apart.

It just makes no sense (to my intuition, what I'm getting from this) to let go now; crossing the shaky bridge right now will seal your commitment. It IS a tough year for both of you, but you CAN get through it. Don't speak of "endings" or "deaths" in terms of your relationship. Both of you, stop threatening to leave or divorce. You have to halt those kinds of words and replace them with what you had in the beginning to bring you together; don't lose sight of that. Too many people do, and sometimes it IS necessary for people to part, but I just get a strong "NO" when it comes to you both.

Feel it's hard to connect with each other physically right now, as well, but that's a bridge to cross later. Don't plan or worry beyond each new day; you both can only do so much, and you need each other to lift your energy in finances now.

This will sound silly, but it works for some, I feel it will for you: get green candles and white candles, and burn them while talking and looking at your favorite photographs. This promotes clarity of thought and the energy of abundance. Please try to do this; this relationship is very much worth saving. The financial part of it will start to clear out around October; I wish I could say it will be earlier, but I still feel there are parts of the "hardship assistance" programs out there that you haven't looked into and could help you. I feel things will be much, much better/regular employment, etc., by December, and that a happy Christmas is ahead.

I wish you both and your children the very best -- you deserve it. Be kinder to yourselves and each other. This will work out. Try harder.

God's Blessings,


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