Hi Shep :-)
I have question regarding my love life. Do you see anything happening in the near future? Tatjana,FEB1.
Thank you!

Dear Tatjana,

Yes! Good things regarding love life, and one meeting will occur or an attraction will develop on some kind of transportation vehicle -- feels like a tour bus or a bus full of people going to see a particular site, maybe of historical significance, or a sort of "field trip" if that makes sense. The people around you on this transport (if it's a bus; not sure, but it carries a lot of people, about 50 or more) are all around your age, and I see you in a blue-jean jacket, looking out a window, and I feel someone (dark hair, sort of wavy) looking at you, and you begin to notice this. I feel it's going to occur before the end of the year, and there's a good spark going between you two. This person has a darker complexion that yours, hazel or brown eyes, seems to slump or doesn't quite stand up completely straight.

Two other things: Feel there's one person near you now, from the past, who keeps badgering/bothering you and trying to "warm you back up" to be with him, but stay away from this person -- not good. It would lead to the "same bad feelings all over again."

Another one seems to be out there as well, not as aggressive as this first one, and I just heard the word "Knight" or "Night" whatever that means, seems to be connected to these two people who would like to be with you and sort of pursue you, one less aggressive than the other, but they're not any good. Distance yourself from the past -- go forward, keep looking for your sense of freedom away from them but know that you can be free in a relationship with a very good, kind person. Don't settle for less -- ever. You are very intelligent; this is also something that must "match" with another person because you need to be able to carry on a stimulating conversation with someone to make something last. I know you feel bad (almost sorry for) those who aren't as sharp as you are, and you want to help them, but this will never work -- you need an equal partner on all levels, including intelligence.

I hope this helps, and good luck! Don't settle!

God's Blessings,


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