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Hello, and thank you for your time. If you will please consider not using full names in your answer, it would be greatly appreciated.

We have a connection, but are both married and are not speaking at the moment due to an incident where we both were stubborn. It's complicated.

Though I would never have sex with him, I am wondering what you see regarding past, present and future feelings he has/had for me and the outcome of our relationship. I miss him and am hurt, but understand his reputation is very important to him. If you can only answer some of these things, that's ok.

Your time is very much appreciated. Thank you!


He has two very different sides to him, and they swing back and forth quite rapidly and more often than I feel comfortable with -- something about him makes me feel he has a very unpredictable, angry side, and I don't want to be around that energy.

I just don't see this working at all. No need to be hurt; best, more restorative thing for you is to distance yourself from him if he makes contact again (which is quite possible) and look to the future and away from what I'd call powerful men who engage their ego so intensely. He does not like to be caught off guard; needs to be in control all the time; hence, he's controlling, and that's a lot to deal with. I honestly feel sad for his wife; feel he's been hurtful to the women in his life with his words and his hands.

You can be very emotionally needy, and that's fine as long as you attract a partner who is stable and kind and not "volcanic" behind closed doors, so to speak. Believe it: There are many wonderful gentlemen still around who want to extend their care and concern on a more even, balanced level, but this one just goes off the map. Be more selective about the people you choose, and watch them in public and how they act with others and with you; if they are in any way demanding or loud or seem to be one person in public, then change to another person in private, go the other way and don't look back -- ever.

You need a solid, stable person who is willing to give as much as you are emotionally and mentally. You will find this person when you begin to treat yourself with as much care and kindness as you would treat someone you love deeply. This is not the end! I promise!

God's Blessings,


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