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Hi my question is will I earn my GED this year? I've been putting it off for awhile now and a few months ago I was anxious to see how if the math portion of the test was hard or not so I took it and failed by 8 points. I do need a little more practice on that portion. I plan on taking the test again and I wanted to know if you see me earning my GED this year my only goals for this year is to get my GED and go to a nursing assistant (cna) program. I would love to become a registered nurse one day.
My name is Marsha and date of birth is October 3. Thanks


YES!! A resounding yes! Get that GED; study up and take that test again, because you WILL pass. You have the tenacity and willpower AND the focus to do those two things already, and you can't fail when you invest so much of yourself INTO yourself; you're brilliant-minded, and the only thing I feel that can "try" to stop you or break your momentum is a male figure or two: basically, I'm feeling a male could be either jealous of your very specific goals or want you to be with him (though I feel two around you) more, and he/they will "try" (I use this word because it's like a warning; they can try, but you can stop them) to keep you from these goals and sort of coax you to do other things. You must remain resolute, because your choice of vocation (nursing) is absolutely perfect. Perfect. Do not let anyone stop you, Marsha. You can and will do this. I'm already very proud of you:)

God's Blessings,


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