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Me and Alice
Me and Alice  
My name is Sam, my birth date is DEC 30.

I recently went on holidays to Spain where I met this amazing girl named Alice (SEP 8). We very quickly became close friends, then developed into slightly more than friends. I am originally from Ireland and she is from England. We are still talked over Facebook and Snapchat, and we even video chat some days. I am just really curious to know where this relationship will go because we really adore eachother and just think that we were literally made for one another. I'm constantly missing her, but I really don't look forward to the day that she may lose interest and let go of me....

Dear Sam,

What a lovely sight the two of you make. I can feel your connection with Alice; you are very, very solid and wise, and you will be a marvellous husband one day (sooner rather than later), but she is not the wife you will settle down with.

But this isn't a "sad" thing -- you've been given a gift of love, and no matter what happens in what we call "the future," love is not perishable; it never dies -- it continues to exist on a shelf in a gift-wrapped box, if you like, all your life -- and all of Alice's life.

I feel that though you're quite preoccupied with this right now and worried about her possibly becoming disinterested, it will end up being a mutual, natural, "no hard feelings" sort of slowly growing apart for BOTH of you -- you are more "in demand" with the ladies than you may think, and slowly, this and other parts of your life will begin to become more prominent, but I can't see or feel either of you ever, ever forgetting the other -- Alice "gets you" and immediately was drawn to your laughter and you both shared similar backgrounds in your early childhood.

She brings that quirky humour out in you, and you seem to make her feel less hard on herself; she pushes herself quite hard, and feels very driven, almost like a perfectionist, but being together has given you both a chance to relax and enjoy life for a change. I don't feel it will taper off soon, but it will eventually, because I keep feeling you with another, more family like energy.

Just take solace in knowing that you both will always appreciate each other and never really be "strangers" ever again. Often, soul mates meet but for only a brief time, or in passing -- people think soul mates are those we marry, etc., but that is often not the case, I've found, in years and years of doing this.

I hope this helps though I know some of these words are not what you want to hear. There is always a good chance that I am wrong! Whatever the case, I wish you all the best, and please don't preoccupy yourself worrying about this -- worry invites negative energy that you don't need.

God's Blessings,


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