I would like to know when I will be involved into a serious relationship and what kind of man hd will be ( if you can describe him physically and tell me abour his personality). My name is Perpetue born on 11/16/1991.
Thank you

Hi Perpetue, it may sound to far-fetched and stupid, but you will meet him when there is some very, very, bad weather where you are, some kind of rain. It's a time of the year when people will be looking forward to some rain, but it will come in really hard and destructive. I never read anything this way before, but that's what I see. He's tall, a good normal build, mature, a manly guy. He looks really nice. Thanks for your question-Marie P.S.-I just started reading again, so let me know if any of this sounds right. Do you get really bad weather where you are?


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I've taken beginner & advanced tarot lessons, with about 2 years of experience here at Allexperts. The experience has strengthened my skills to the point that my cards are no longer needed for me to do accurate reading.

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