Good morning, and thank you for your time. I'm currently dating someone and things were great at first but now he has become dry and distant. The phone calls and texts are few. When I ask him like what's going on he says that he just likes to take his time. Is he not the one for me? If not when will I meet the one for me

There is someone out there with more personality for you.I don't sense he wants to take his time. I think it's over for him. I don't think he has another person. I just sense that he just doesn't want to date anymore. I actually think he has other interests to take up his time, and he actually likes this hobby of his more than females.


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I can answer any question about everyday life-love, money, career, ect...I don't do past life readings or dream interpretations. I've had about 2+ years of experience giving readings here at Allexperts in the tarot section. You can read my feedbacks from querents on the Tarot/psychics board.


I started off taking beginner and advanced tarot lessons. Since I've been here on Allexperts, I've gotten to the point where I don't need the cards anymore, but I still use them at times to confirm what I'm seeing. I've received excellent ratings in the tarot category, along with exceptional feedbacks from querents.

I've taken beginner & advanced tarot lessons, with about 2 years of experience here at Allexperts. The experience has strengthened my skills to the point that my cards are no longer needed for me to do accurate reading.

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