Hi Shep!
I was in a relationship with a guy Saša, JUL9 for a year. I am Fuma, FEB1. He told me he is in a very dark place right now and we are trying to get back together.
Do you see us breaking apart or coming back together?

Dear Fuma,

Look at the photo you sent -- no matter when it was taken, can you see that the energies between you and Saša are very different? You are looking straight ahead, clearly, and happily, openly, into the camera. You are even leaning a bit forward, while he is standing somewhat rigid and has an indistinct look about him (though it looks like he blinked when the photo was taken, he still does not display an open, eager energy like yours).

Whenever this was taken, he was already in a dark place, and I feel like he goes in and out of this and has done for most of his life. Depression is sometimes hard to pinpoint with people who try to hide it (and sadly, they do, which is the worst thing possible), but Saša is definitely depressed. I hope he's able to see a counselor, at the very least, because there are deeper troubles that he hasn't told you about.

I just can't see this going forward, because as much as I know you want to be together, he just "can't," and he can't help it. The best you can do for him is to pray for him in whatever way you express that, and let him know you support him and don't feel rejected or angry. He needs this time to sort things through, and he does need a lot of space and time to do that.

I hope this helps, and I also hope Saša feels better.

God's Blessings,


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