Dear Shepherdess,

Thank you for offering your time and guidance here. I love reading your responses to others. They are very detailed and you offer much advise. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hello,my name is Patty and my DOB is March 12, 1959. I would really like to know if I will ever get married to a man that I will be compatible with and if we will be good for each other? Please tell me anything you feel or see about this person that will help me? Love takes up alot of my focus, so thanking you with much appreciation for any insight you can provide. Do you see me safe in my current career. Thank you so much. Many blessings!

Dear Patty,

You're smart. You're also trying too hard!:)

Now, regarding love, I hear Greg, and the word "Milan," so this may be a surname or someone from Italy or an Italian person living here. I can't tell past from present or future -- time all runs together, as I feel you know and realise -- but it's around you now, so these people may be from the past who are thinking of coming back, or...and I also her "Art" but I don't know if I'm hearing art as in a career or avocation or if it's a man's name of if you think of love as "high art," so to speak. Feel you tend to also be too generous and assign qualities to men who don't deserve or haven't earned them in your desire to make it work. If you have to "work" at it like that, it isn't a good, equal relationship. Another thing I'm hearing is something about the father figure in your life -- drop all the memories and stop playing those tapes over and over; this is in the (theoretical) past, as you know, and you can't change any of that. You CAN, though, move beyond it with your own willpower, and you will.

This kind of harkening back and sense of extremism might be part of your trouble; you place SO much emphasis on it and create/see the "exact man" in your mind that you never meet him because he doesn't exist. Feel something around a school / a place of education, academics, is where you'll meet someone to finally wed, and I do see you in a white gown with white, silk-like gloves that come up just past your wrist, mid-low arm. Also, this person has a Sagittarian-like energy and is tall, but he's calmer than you are; he's someone to lean on, and he does not have an air of "danger" that you have likely been attracting for quite some time:) This is a good thing! Stability does not come with danger!:))

Don't wear red close to your face; if your hair is still that shade, lighten it -- also lighten your lipstick and makeup. I say this only because I LOVE (and wear) red shades and red lipstick, but when I see a photo of myself, I think, "What? Stop that!" You have a similar vibration to mine; I feel you're in a helping/counseling sort of career, or at least you've done that part-time, and it will drain your energy in almost no time. Feel that though you're naturally a healing person with strong ideals about helping others, it would be best if you put your efforts to a more administrative capacity WITHIN these organizations that help people. You would be much better and able to offer more of yourself (I hear an Indian chant now as I'm writing; no clue -- you may have an Indian spirit guide or have some of that DNA; it seems to "follow you" in a nurturing way).

Okay, I'll start again! You would be much better and able to offer more of yourself as a behind-the-counter, administrative person than as a hands-on, face-to-face counselor. Also feel if you're not in a healing organization, you're not going to be happy. Even if you work for the corporate headquarters of a place like the Red Cross or Medicare, for example, that's perfect. Be "around" it, but not "in" it. Don't be a counselor (or a teacher, I'm hearing) because it will make you physically weak and ill; you don't have a strong filter of detachment and will take these problems in on a subconscious level.

I hear a lot of laughter around you and feel very "at ease" around your energy, so I feel like the only thing holding you back is your hesitance to just be yourself. I see you when you're alone and enjoying something, as simple as a TV show, and your laugh is just hilarious, and you KNOW that you're a great catch, but you lose that confidence once you leave your home. Just lose it anyway; be more of who you really are when you most like yourself, and men will, too. Laugh and smile more in public and speak/joke with cashiers, whomever, if it feels natural -- just don't force anything anymore; you're trying a little too hard. Ease up and treat yourself as you would treat someone you love deeply. You WILL wed someone. Not far off. Prowl campuses! Ha!

I hope this helps, and thank you for writing.

Truth and Beauty,


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