hi gypsy my name is Christina birthday may 12 1974 my question is will I ever meet a good decent man and get married ty

Hello Christina, thanks for contacting me with your question, the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is showing that you have KARMIC lessons to learn before you settle down with your man, so what you can do is to taek personal responsibility for all the other relationships and dating experiences you've had, i.e. not cry victim mentality and all that. Because right now Christina, you're holding back true love by not creating the new changes within yourself. You want a good decent man, but are you a good decent woman? These few free mins have now ended with you here at AllExperts, wishing you peace and wisdom on your journey in life.


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I talk to Angels, Spirit Guides just as if they're every day people. I believe everyone is intuitive, just that some are living in the illusion (the Maya) something like pebbles on a beach. When the pebbles awaken, they realize they are diamonds, but this first awakening comes from the realization within, so each person has to love themselves before an awakening can happen, as the key to the Universe is Love.

As we are all energy beings in our human body, I'm a HSP, taught by Teacher Spirit Guides

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