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QUESTION: I have been applying constantly and NOT being able to get a second interview with potential employers. I switched job hunters and I seem to like this one. It is so frustrating! I have been looking since September but progress improved starting last February. I hate my day job and the management is just awful. I need to get out of there asap.

I am curious when will I get a new job that requires a degree and a better salary?

Thank You

ANSWER: Hi Alison, Are you and another person in the same boat on this job situation? I see 2 people in the 4 of wands card. I do see happiness, though. I see you will celebrate with the garlands I see hanging off the wands. You'll feel you finally did it. You know, I think the other person may be that the 2 of you get hired together-something is shared between you and another regarding the job. Tarot doesn't do time well, but it can't be that far off. Maybe September. I just started reading again, so let me know if any of this makes sense.Thanks for your question--Marie

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That was fast! Well that is funny because at my current position a girl and I were hired almost the same time...I arrived a week or two weeks before this girl arrived. Now she left a few weeks ago for a higher paid position. I was talking to a young girl a few weeks ago who I hardly know on the support group online and she says she was in the same boat as I. But overall there is no one else that I have in mind. I think we are all eager to get to the next step! LOL. :D

Thanks for the feedback Alison. Do you think one of these girls might give you a heads-up on a job opportunity? Beings that these things already happened, and I saw it regarding your question, maybe they'll be involved in helping you find the job you're looking for.  


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