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My ex
My ex  
There's a part of me that cares for this man A.D. 8-20-75 and there's a part that wants to end it with him. He treated me badly and I want to end it with him. Why is it hard for me to move on? I have no ideal where things are going and I am very lost here. Any guidance would be good. Sorry for last post.

Thxs, Chloe

Here's a pic of him again.

Hello Chloe, thanks for contacting me with your question, the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is showing that you can easily move on from everything in your past and present, but you consciously choose not to because you're insecure whether you'll ever be able to find any other guys who can love you. You seem to be drawn to drama, and once you start respecting yourself, you'll find you can move past anything to create new opportunities for yourself. These few free mins have now ended with you here at AllExperts, wishing you peace and wisdom on your journey in life.


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I talk to Angels, Spirit Guides like my friends. I believe we're all intuitive, most just living in an illusion (the Maya). Angels liken us to beach pebbles, as we awaken..we realize we're diamonds. But this first awakening comes from the realization of self-love, as the key to the Universe is Love.

As we are all energy beings in our human body, I'm a HSP, taught by Teacher Spirit Guides

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