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My name: Jessy Perez
DOB: 1/2/1986
Guy's name: Lorenzo Chance
DOB: 12/14/89

So I met this guy at work who's been trying to get my number for a while, then one day I finally texted him (he previously gave me his number) and it seemed like we got along so well; I felt comfortable with him and had a connection/attraction that I haven't felt in a long time with somebody. We spoke constantly for about 5 days and he would always tell me how much he enjoyed talking to me and that he thinks I'm so beautiful. One day I made the
first move and I kissed him, it seemed as if he liked it because he leaned in for another one.... After we spoke that night, I hardly heard from him again, and it's like nothing ever happened. We didn't speak for a couple of days, and I was annoyed so I reached out to him and asked him if he's scared to text me now. He said no, he's just been so busy at work... I feel there's more to it than that because he would contact me before even if he was at work. Why did he change so drastically? I was really starting to like him. :-(  Do you see him contacting me again? Thanks for your time.

HI Jessy, Yes, I feel he got scared off a little. Maybe making that move was too much for him. You might just move on from him, because I don't feel he'll be coming around again. He's a guy who likes to take things slow, and slip into things in his own time. I really don't think he'll try contacting you again. It's better to look for someone who isn't so skittish. Thanks for your question-Marie  


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I can answer any question about everyday life-love, money, career, ect...I don't do past life readings or dream interpretations. I've had about 2+ years of experience giving readings here at Allexperts in the tarot section. You can read my feedbacks from querents on the Tarot/psychics board.


I started off taking beginner and advanced tarot lessons. Since I've been here on Allexperts, I've gotten to the point where I don't need the cards anymore, but I still use them at times to confirm what I'm seeing. I've received excellent ratings in the tarot category, along with exceptional feedbacks from querents.

I've taken beginner & advanced tarot lessons, with about 2 years of experience here at Allexperts. The experience has strengthened my skills to the point that my cards are no longer needed for me to do accurate reading.

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