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Hi Sheperdess, hope you are having a nice weekend. My name is Racheli, female. My DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am, Israel, Tel Aviv. At the moment, i'm doing fashion design as a part time job. However, i would like to turn my passion into a full time job. Will i be able to do fashion design as a full time job? Feel free to share with me honestly and openly everything you perceive!

Dear Racheli,

First, your energy is extremely work-directed; you put a great amount of yourself into your work, and I feel it's just the way you are -- you'll always be this way.

As far as fashion, you have good placements for it -- with Pisces rising and Leo in the sixth house of everyday work and health, you really can't fail in this area. Also, you have Sagittarius on the Midheaven and Mercury in Sagittarius, so this means you're going to be very, very action-oriented and "on fire" regarding your work, and if it's in fashion, you will likely want to design very colorful, very "striding forward" designs, and Leo in the sixth house backs that up for you. Pisces rising means you see things through a veil of illusion, which is always a plus for anyone in fashion, from selling clothes to top designers. So (because you told me your full date of birth, plus the time and place), you have all the placements for an exceptional career in fashion.

However, be careful that you think carefully before you speak or commit to something -- you can sometimes get ahead of yourself, be a little too reactionary or make hasty decisions, especially if you're dealing with people in a foreign land, i.e., foreign to your native land. Ideas and words can get easily tangled or mixed up, or you can tend to speak before you think and take uncalculated risks, so slow that busy brain down and take a few moments before you say or commit yourself to something that you might regret. That's your only real drawback in communications/career.

I also get a medical vibe around you, something with animal care, lab work, or research, and something to do with the "betterment of mankind" on a more sociopolitical level, like behind-the-scenes police work or prison care. This could be something completely different than fashion, or it could relate to your current work and upcoming, new "wave" of success in fashion.

I feel you're going to want to start your own business at some point, but again, be cautious and careful, and look into every single point and read all the fine print before you do this. Your "raging optimism" (that's a good thing)! can sometimes be your worst enemy, because you tend to see other people and the world in general as more benevolent than they are -- just use lots of common sense and reserve, and you'll be fine.

Also see/feel horses around you; this could be related to the design of horses' covers/clothing or equestrians' clothing, or it could mean you have an affinity for horses, or they graze somewhere nearby. It's pretty strong, though, so I feel at some point you'll work with "pet therapy" and fashion together, helping patients heal through the love and care of ponies or horses, so I'm fusing this again with the medical/social betterment side of you that seems to want to emerge.

I just realized you forgot to attach a photo, and I usually don't/can't read well without a photo, but I launched into this with my first instincts, not even realizing you'd left one off. I hope it makes sense, and I wish you all the best!

God's Blessings,


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