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QUESTION: I'm hoping I get some help this time most times it's I can't answer....I'm writing this in panic my heart is beating I'm breathing heavy, in short panic attack, because I suspect something is terribly wrong.  I'm embarrassed because I 'm so much older then the clients you deal with.  As I've written before I have many senior friends who do this all the time some a little older than me, they don't seem to mind.  I do.  my birthdate is March 7th 1942 I believe I was born around 2:00 a.m. For Me to do admit my age  shows how desperate I am.   I feel I have no future something is going to happen, no it's not my age because I'm old. it's more than that.  I don't fear death I fear how I'll die.
I can't even plan buying a pair of shoes.  I feel my future is over. I can't stop the panic of it. I know you're going to say get a psychotherapist.  Before I go to any kind of doctor or seek professional help I need to know if it's worth it.  I don't feel it is.  time is short.  I hope you can give me some sort of hope ...thank you and very kind of you to use your gift without charging.

ANSWER: Dear Jan
at first just to check what my cards would say about your health to see if the panic is emotional or physical I can tell you right away  you are not dying. it did look like you might want to get checked for your heart condition but you are not dying
numerology wise you are to live very long time and so I suggest you start to enjoy it if its already there for you. yes it is likely that you are very worried because you are a perfectionist very worried about appearing like that most of the time and also worried constantly just because you feel responisible to almost the entire universe well guess what? you are not. you are responsible first of all for your own happiness and breathing exercise can ease the panic attack greately. breathe in breathe out. deep and with intension- if you did not try it before do it for about 5 time each time and watch your blood presure going down imemdiatelly and you relax a bit
more than that allow yourself to let lose a bit dear you dont have to report no one about what and where and you cant stay worried like that or you will cause yourelf a stroke.
and as for using psychic services well dear doing different new lil things like that can help as well as it is like refreshing your system all together and not stick to any certain rules and no need to worry about the age. trust me I got married first time at 50 years old so nothing is too late for trying and I find that age help about less need to prove myself for who I am so I love getting aged.
it can also help if you wish to explore it to read some about how buddhism view the dying process its not a religious transformation but it help to know that even when dying things are not so horrible as they seem to be to some people and once you are free from that fear you can enjoy your life better.
wishing you all the best and I am happy you chose me to try the psychic consultation.

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QUESTION: I thank you very much for your help please forgive the length.  First, I see here some ask for donations if you send me your address I'd like to send a donation to you or to any charity you name and I'll do it in your name.
I'm writing back to say you have eased my anxiety a little anyway. You're very kind.   I do have health issues, but I've blown it all of proportion.  I feel everything is much more serious than probably is but couldn't be sure... I 'm trying to go to a doctor but then the panic sets in, and I'm sure it's hopeless ... You mentioned you married for the first time at age 50. I don't know when that was but at least you're not a whole lot younger than I am. I want to believe  what you said and I'm starting to believe it all....... please don't misunderstand it's not that I doubt your ability, it's just that anxiety ridden people are obsessive and never sure what is or isn't.  I may not be psychic, but I sense you are truthful, it doesn't matter if you are or aren't I believe it and that's what's important.   we are perfectionists and everything  has to be checked over and over to a point that most people find ridiculous. And we overreact too much, there are times that I'm perfectly happy then something exacerbates the anxiety.  I've seen much suffering and doctors showing no compassion at all, and I'm afraid that I'll whither away like that. My husband is ill and that doesn't help at all.  He's not suffering in any way he's doing OK.   You've helped believe me.  oddly enough yrs. ago when I was much younger I was told by a psychic that she sensed I was going to live a long life.  At the time I wasn't quite as bad as I am now.   I didn't put much stock into what she said but now you said it too, that helps.  Again I can't thank you enough for giving me some peace.  As I said I'd like to send a donation let me know where.

On my profile here you can find my private link for other services and there is also a botton that called donate where you can make any donation you wish for
if you wish to make a donation for charity instead be it for any support of human rights you feel apropriate especially if it is for young kids because kids are the next generation of us.
I truely think breathing exercises could support the hard core moments and basically if you avoid doctors I doubt its such a bad idea as long as you invest whatever it is you save from those visits in nurturing your body eating healthy organic if possible which is investment in your health I mean if your going to stay here long you should try your best to enjoy quality and this will bring the needed peace.
last advise is something the Dalai Lama said once that might help you in those moments and it is If you can solve your problems you have nothing to worry , if you cant solve your problem why worry indeed?


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