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QUESTION: Hello,my name is Racheli, female. My DOB: 2nd, January, 1985, 10:00 am, Israel, Tel Aviv. Currently, i'm doing fashion design as a part time job,however, i would like to turn my passion into a full time job. I would like to know if i'll be able to turn my occupation in fashion design into a full time job and will i be able to reach financial stability in this field?

ANSWER: Hello Racheli,

You'll be pleased to know that you are headed in the right direction, and that you are following the talent and passion you have for designing. You must take your time and learn some new things about business plans and small business loans and support in your business community. You do not have to do it alone, and with the right guidance from those who support women's businesses, you will have the foundation  you need.

As to your questions, I drew two cards for you. The first is Judgment (20). It shows a woman reaching out and upwards toward heaven. She is reaching for berries between two big maple leaves. The maple leaves are the outcrop of a long stem and you can see the roots in the ground,fat and reaching like so many little thirsty vines. Above the woman is a white cloud, and out of it is a horn,like the trumpet Gabriel is to blow on Judgment Day. She sees this vision and has touched the berries on the right. The o left hand is open in supplication.

I think this card answers your first question while commenting on your status and purpose in the Universe.

Yes, your passion and enthusiasm for design is a gift from God and you are answering the call to go for it. You seem to think you are only a beginner, but you have this gift from birth and you are a natural. So you have a means(leaf with the berries) to make money now in the part time job(left hand), and you will eventually earn money (right hand reaching) and receive help from God or the invisible world of good that attaches to your life. You have lost a lot in your life, maybe even a loved one recently in the last year and a half. Maybe you have just recovered from a financial loss. That says your trials are over and where you still have challenges, you will be helped because you deserve it. You will have the foundation to succeed because the roots of preparation and the force of your commitment to your talent will help you manifest. So, yes, you will succeed (maybe go to design school) or just create the business with small business resources.

Your second card is meant to answer if you will have financial stability. It is the Ten of Swords.It shows a bare small tree growing up through a winter of snow. The tree is surrounded by swords that are bloody, as if they have been recently stuck there in the snow around the tree. The swords stand for thoughts and worries, and changes. You will have a smoother path to your success than most because you are being karmically rewarded for living through a previous time of hurt or loss(as was indicated in the first card too).

You will start in a cold season or rather without a lot of help from those you love or care for, but you,as the tree, will have budding buds and great promise. Just do not listen to old negative self talk and those who do not support or believe in you. Take your time. It will be 10-20 months before you're ready to start. It will be ten years before you are at the top of the field ,but every success along the way will be a leaf on your tree of success. Trust yourself and keep this letter for inspiration. Love Shari

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QUESTION: Hi Shari, thank you so much for your detailed and helpful answer! I found it very interesting and encouraging. So then it'll take me up to 10 years to reach financial stability in fashion design? Meanwhile, it'll only be a part time job? I am actually also planning to get my line into boutiques in the Uk. Do you see anything about it? Thank you so much again, your insights are highly appreciated!

ANSWER: Racheli
When I said it would take you ten years, this meant to become and hold a top place in the industry.
It doesnt mean you cant or wont try or suceed at other lines of product and placement. Just keep doing what feels right. Even your errors are correct. S

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Shari,i have one last question for you about this issue. Do you see me moving outside of my homeland, Israel abroad?

Dear Racheli--

I drew a card in answer to that question(Ace of Pentacles--hand of God over a long road leading out and away from a long archway), and I can say you will travel but not outside of the country during the first years of your business and possibly before your marriage. The problem with asking such big questions is that the answers are individual and not necessarily sequential or chronological because the future is not set. No way to predict success at work, marriage dates and foreign travel as if they were not governed by serendipity. I said it before and I say it again, your life is charmed and under the direct guidance of Divine Order.All of your gifts and dreams will unfold as you do your plans just don't change your mind about what you want. Stay focused and take your steps and help as it comes. You'll know when it is time to travel, marry, and make a business decision. I am done with this follow up. S


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