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I promise I won't bother you again, but because you told me I was OK,  I had to come back reassure myself what you told me. although I don't know what my heart condition meant I don't have a heart condition as far as I know.  I now have subtle little physical things that bring on the panic.  But your words helped a lot.  I can't shake the feeling that I;m ill and it's scary for medical phobic me.  it causes these panic episodes. I really don't know why I'm writing back. Just that your words helped ease the panic, so I'm holding on to those words, and I hope you're right.  Again I'm not doubting your ability just the way I am.   I'm going to try therapy just not now.  I'm too depressed and scared of everything...I don't fear death it's the way I die I fear. thanks again Inbal you're very kind.

Dear Jan
It does not bother me when people are writing to me, its just that on this site I do volunteer work and trust me there are a lot of people that wish to use this service so I had to limit my activity with them upon here to one question per person where if they like it and need some more service they can always purchase it through my personal link that I give in my profile here.
the practice I offered you to take does not have to involve going to the doctors or therapy although nutrition therapy and some meditation could aid you achieve a bit more balance. simply train yourself at home on your time in your privacy to inhale and exhale air. its a starter its free and it does not have to include no one else to embarass you or something like that but it will immediately will reduce the panic you experience and with that relax your muscles lower your blood pressure and keep you in good health . I must tell you I am not a Doctor I am not a physician all my work is based on tarot readings and numerology which are two tools that helps see afar and accurate most of the time. expereience showed me that and athough my tarot feels you have no serious condition to worry about being focus on thinking that you do, being under moments where your air ways get too much or too less air can raise your heart beats and your blood presure and the heart is a pump there is limit how many times you can practice stress it unless of course the stress is a matter of exercise like running or swimming which I felt could help you a lot and than it become stronger because it is planned stress not a surprising attack like any other training- on this note this is also a way to teach you to train your mind and teach it to not attack you negatively without further notice. lets start you on breathing and than take it from there further on, i do trust that if you do that you will soon see hwo having more oxygen in your blood in a slwo steady way is changing you worries for the better.....  


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