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Let me start by thanking you for your time to read my question. I (dob April 27, '81) find myself in a difficult situation since a few weeks. Although I always thought that I was happy with my current partner and relationship, I unexpectedly fell in love with another women, Sophia (dob 21 July '89). All of this happened last July and August when we were at a summer school for almost two months. The feelings that I had for Sophia were without any doubt mutual. However, the situation was also a little bit complicated since I was obviously stuck in my relationship.

Despite all this, the inevitable nonetheless happened as we kissed each other for the first time during a picnic on August 7. Since this moment, there have been some inexplicable events in my life that push me into the direction of Sophia, at the expense of my current relationship. To give just one example, on the evening of August 7, only a few hours after our first kiss, I unexpectedly met a couple at a party whose history exactly resembled the situation I found myself in. They met at exactly the same school that we were attending, they fell in love with each other while she was engaged with another man, and they first kissed during a picnic on August 7, 2006, exactly 10 years before the day that I kissed Sophia. Eventually, this women decided to cancel her engagement with her former partner in order to start a new life with this new man she recently met.

This is just one example of the strange signs that I seem to be receiving. But despite all this, the situation is nonetheless very complicated. Sophia and I parted on August 20 and decided that we had to let each other go for a while. Her life is a little bit uncertain at the moment as she is trying to build up a new life after a turbulent career of 15 years. At the same time, I also had to figure things out for myself and had to decide what I want with my current relationship. These are the main reasons why we agreed to avoid all contact for a while. We also agreed that she would reach out to me in the future when her life is more stable and secure. This would also give me some time to figure out my feelings and which direction to go with my own life, staying with my current girlfriend or breaking up with her.

Last weekend, I told my current girlfriend that I fell in love with another women and that I kissed her. Obviously, she was not amused and we decided to break-up for a while as we both needed some time to think about everything. Although I think that my girlfriend will be able to forgive me, I feel very confused at the moment and have no idea what I need to do. Is it wise to stay with my current girlfriend, or is better to continue alone, in the hope and conviction that Sophia will reach out to me in the future? I hope you can help me in making this difficult decision a little bit easier?

Thank you for your question - Sophia, you're uncertain if you even have feelings for her, whether it was just your way of initiating something new, i.e. getting out of your trapped relationship. Your recent ex-girlfriend, you're still deciding if you even want to speak to her, and she thought it was a life-time commitment, so obviously she's emotionally distant from you, and it's uncertain if she'll come back to you. Sophia likes the idea of reaching out to you again, for a fling if anything. Wishing you peace and wisdom on your journey in life.


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