Hi dear,i have a question about my husband, I would really appreciate if you could give me a little advice or point me in the right direction. Me Tatyana(august 24 1976) and my husband Pavel ( october 21 1977) have had some disagreements lately and he seems to be behaving differently towards me. He left today to another state for the job training, and after he left i found a bag from a lingerie store in my hurts my feelings a he cheating on me??? I would really appreciate if you could give me some of yours answers,thank you sooo much.GOD BLESS YOU FOR  EVERYTHING YOU DO."

Hello Tatyana, thank you for your question - the Universal World of the Divine Spirit is showing there is love and happiness all around you, but you are consciously choosing to distance yourself from your husband due to your mental worries. Seek professional counselling to determine whether the problem is yours or really his. These few free mins have now ended with you here at AllExperts, wishing you peace and wisdom on your journey in life.  


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