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Suma wrote at 2010-04-19 00:46:23
I am a previous student of the same Wizard Luxas.  Know that in order to learn from him, you will have to perform sexual favors.  (This goes only for women).   He will tell you that these sexual favors are necessary to learn, but as one who's walked her own path for years, I can tell you this is not true, just his sick and twisted fantasies being brought to life by naive and unknowing women who want so badly to learn that they're not truly watching where they are walking.

You're doubting, trust that and learn from someone else.

Blk wrote at 2015-09-03 19:11:59
First up I know this guy, worked with him in rituals even with my GF, and I know this lady... but lets get into her background first (sadoist/satanic/lilith vampiress, who claimed she was mature and able to handle anything he was able to teach her, she had an invested interest in taking over his coven, when he shut her down and didn't want to leave everyone out in the cold, male and female, so she could do her 'personal rituals" and didn't like him saying no to her, while sending him letters "I have personally seen", thanking him for the fact she was into such a very good art, now... he told her that the 'darker arts are mature and use sex magic," and me and mine know this as well, he has had in the years I have known him, those who study without doing, those who do but don't do mature, and those who are all or nothing, and I find it funny she calls him out, but yet uses the naming 'he gave her in ritual still", don't you.... WTF

(if he is so sick and twisted, then she shouldn't be in mature arts or claim to, which even there the bdsm groups think of her as a lier. she even tried to control me once, and i told her "Your not the teacher".


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I am a Psychic Medium with various Psychic ability. I can communicate with passed over loved ones and answer most Psychic questions or reading requests. I also answer Paranormal questions. I do not charge for my readings. I do not perform general readings. Only serious readings please. Unfortunately, due to high demand I am no longer able to do relationship/love readings or readings about job opportunities and I can not read peoples minds so please do not ask me to.I am unable to find lost/missing items. I can only pass on what information I receive and I can not promise I will receive what you want to know. It really depends on the Spirits, connection and how much information you give me to work with. It is very difficult to make a clear, accurate and conscise connection with very little information. Always provide your DOB with all reading requests.I DO NOT PERFORM LOVE OR RELATIONSHIP READINGS.


I am Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, and have the ability to communicate with and sense spirits or a persons emotions and I also have some healing ability.

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