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If you please, I hope you can help me before I return to work on Monday.

I accidentally shared too much information at work today with my coworker.  It was a casual atmosphere today with half the staff taking a day off so it was just her and I at work.

I was on hold with my doctor's office about a refill for 30 minutes.  When I got through to someone, I was told my doctor had left the clinic and I would not be given a refill until I saw a new doctor (I had NO notice of this).  The medication is a common one I have been on for years it's not pain medication or anything.

I was so upset I was shaking.  For some reason I felt I HAD to tell the receptionist and she was cordial and recommended a new physician for me.  I also told her about how I had no money when I moved here and was on Medicaid and complained about "the poor clinic" and how horribly they treat people (the nurse actually hung up on me when I asked about patient abandonment laws).

I could tell my coworker was uncomfortable but it was too late.  Now there is an awkward feeling.

How can I fix this on Monday or get rid of the awkwardness?  :(

I did quickly apologize for it after the fact but I am so embarrassed and anxious about the awkwardness next week I don't know how I will get to sleep tonight....


Sorry for the delay in answering your question. Oversharing in the workplace happens sometimes. You have apologized and expressed your regret. Rather than dwelling on it and continuing to draw attention to the incident, it would be better for all parties if you just went to work like normal. If someone brings it up to you, address it then, but continuing to raise the issue is likely to increase your discomfort.

Best wishes,
Dr. Luna


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I have been working in the field of psychology, to some degree, since 1998. Initially, my work was more behaviorally based, but through my educational and training experiences, I have expanded to a more eclectic viewpoint. I have taught introductory psychology and have worked in college counseling. I have also studied hypnosis for several years, completing my dissertation on basic research in hypnosis. Finally, I completed my internship and residency in a transitional treatment program for young adults (18 - 16) with difficulty transitioning from home.

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