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Hi Kristina,

This is actually a question about "Writing" about I am sure it fits into the "Psychology" section...

The thing is that I used to love writing. I used to write blog articles very often. I used to write on topics like success, self help, fitness etc. I started getting a fan following too. People used to love reading my articles. I started gaining reputation of a good writer. I stated freelance article writing too.

But since the last 2 years, I have lost almost all motivation to write. Now I write maybe just twice or thrice a year!

What happened in these 2 years is that, I ventured into online marketing. Online marketing is where a lot of my writing skills helped me.

But here's the problem: In online marketing, I got heavily influenced by some gurus who preached that we should only write when we have something to sell. I mean, whats the point of writing... if you're not "selling" anything through your writing.

Previously, I used to write for all that "pats on back" and glorifying comments from people! It used to be soo flattering I loved it!

But I have lost that motivation. Now the glorifying comments and praise dont mean anything to me. Now my only measurement of successful writing how much money I made, not how much compliments I get.

Hope it makes sense.

These days I would occasionally write a sales letter or two, maybe every 6 months. And thats it. My old style of writing, on topics like success, self help etc don't motivate me to write anymore.

But I miss my old days of writing! :(

I miss people complimenting on my writing skills! :(

I was never that "creative" or "inspired" kind of a writer who could muster up creative words and receive inspiration to write at any second. I was a hard worker. It would take me hours to write. Yet people liked the end result. They thought I was a creative genius. They didn't know how many hours were spent behind the scenes.

What should I do now? I still do enjoy writing once I get into the flow, but that doesnt happen as often as it used to..... particularly because the reasons that motivated me to write earlier dont exist any more.

What's your take on this?

Thanks for reading!


What you are describing is that you lost your sense of joy in writing, or your flow. Sometimes the best way to get back into the flow of something is to do it ONLY for yourself. Practicing writing just for your own consumption and benefit can help you get back in touch with what you loved about writing.

Best wishes,

Dr. Luna


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