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Hi Kristina,

I became a Christian in 1990 after yrs of living in a virtual vacuum, unable to cope with my life, work, people, friends, family and society!
As a Christian I started to experience love, joy, friendship, companionship an a sense of purpose of what my role was.

I was able to communicate again with people, but this time, from all walks of life and I had an insight into their lives an problems, in my desire to help them! I could also discern their hearts and read them like a book...............
What I received from God, I truly gave to others.
Now over a period of yrs I find that people just dont take me seriously, not even other Christians.

Because I didnt have a normal childhood and had an "arrested development" in many areas.
Unable to cope with each successive failure an disappointment I would simply shut off from anything which would hurt me.
People, situations, events, and huge areas of society.
This left little for me to enjoy in life.

Its easier now, but that mechanism is still there and kicks in when the need arises!

I may be "childlike", almost innocent and at times naive, that is based on my experiences, that's no reason for people to treat me like a child. I'm an adult an have duties and responsibilities, home, income, wife, my church.
I have gifts an talents and attributes that can help an bless others.
I also need to b taken seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my request.

I would appreciate an answer from a Christian point of view as that is now my faith, having no faith in anything or anyone inc myself before...

If u feel it is better to have an answer from a christian psychologist, can u please suggest one n this site.

Hi Parcel,

I am a Christian Psychologist, and would love to field your question. If I am understanding your question correctly, you want to know how to maintain the childlike innocence while still being taken seriously. You want to be able to be aware of this world (innocence) but not in this world (buried by sinful nature). I would imagine that you have seen a lot of the ugliness of the world around you, (perhaps abuse, substance addictions, bad relationships, violence, etc...); regardless of our lives as Christians, we need to have a certain level of awareness about these things for several reasons. Primarily to protect ourselves, but also to be sensitive to the needs of others, to people who could use the good news of Christ in their lives. You have gifts and talents, go use them. If someone blocks you, stand up and make your case, asking them to give you a chance to use your talents. Pray for God to open doorways of service for you. When we use the gifts from God, as He intended, we feel a great joy in that use.

God Bless,
Dr. Luna

P.S. If I misunderstood your question, please re-submit


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