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I saw the (classic) 1954 movie "Them" about giant mutant ants menacing humans. I would have been about 2 years old when it came out, but if they showed it in '55 or '56 at the theaters, I would have been about 3 or 4. I remember just that there were giant ants. What I'm wondering is why this did not traumatize me? What process goes on that makes one thing scary or traumatic & another not? My guess is that I was so young that I didn't comprehend exactly what was happening, and that my parents didn't act scared & thereby frighten me.


Thank you for sending this question to me here at AllExperts! The development of phobias, as with many mental health concerns, is due to a collaboration of both nurture (in this case, seeing the movie "Them") and nature (having an inherent/genetic predisposition for anxiety). It may be that when you saw the film, you did not really attend to the threat of danger portrayed or that you may have perceived the threat, but disregarded it as unrealistic. Additionally, you may not be predisposed to develop anxiety.

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