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Hello !
Perhaps you can kindly provide me with some feedback.
I'm slowly trying to climb out of a depression and attempting - despite numerous setbacks - to maintain a more relaxed and positive attitude though I hasten to add throughout most of my life I have been a rather nervous and high-strung person but have arrived at the point where I wish to make some constructive changes even both my prospects and resources are very limited.
Socially I have come to a standstill and unfortunately the few people I happen to know tend to be either extremely cynical and/or critical.  Either the common denominators are few or have been unexplored or maybe they do not exist.  It appears that my conversations with these people go around in circles and there is little enjoyment.  They seem to be highly resistant to humor or anything of a positive nature.  Although I have had numerous hobbies in the past they evidently are not very interested so the conversations are not very satisfying.
The lack of clubs/organizations pertaining to my common denominators are also lacking.
It has been many years since I last had an enjoyable conversation.
Is this becoming more common nowadays ?  
What is the best way I can cut through these people's 'gloom and doom' -- their cynicism even carries over into birthdays and holidays, et al.
Thanks !


Thank you for submitting this question to me at Some people have taken on more of a "doom and gloom" view of the world, however most people are able to display a full range of emotional experiences. It may not be possible for you to change your friends' outlook on life. What you do have under your own control is your outlook; the more optimistic and cheerful you are, the more optimistic people will be attracted to you.

Whenever I talk to a client about an unsatisfying social support network, I explore with them ways to alter their current pattern. There are some great resources for connecting with new social groups at present! I recommend that people explore online resources such as to find other people who share their interests but who they may not have interacted with yet.

Best wishes,
Dr. Luna


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I specialize in clinical psychology with particular experience in clinical hypnosis, borderline personality disorder, LGBTQ, and aging. I have not worked with children for several years and would not feel comfortable answering child and adolescent based questions. My interests in adult psychology are fairly diverse, so please, sent me a question and lets see if I can help.


I have been working in the field of psychology, to some degree, since 1998. Initially, my work was more behaviorally based, but through my educational and training experiences, I have expanded to a more eclectic viewpoint. I have taught introductory psychology and have worked in college counseling. I have also studied hypnosis for several years, completing my dissertation on basic research in hypnosis. Finally, I completed my internship and residency in a transitional treatment program for young adults (18 - 16) with difficulty transitioning from home.

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