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Hi Dr. Luna,

I work in a therapeutic setting where I get to know my clients well, but just for a short time. The program lasts an average of 8 weeks. There are certain clients I think about and wonder how they are doing. I am wondering if this is normal. Do you ever think about previous clients you have worked with? Do you sometimes wish you could find out how someone is doing after treatment ended with them?



Of course I think about and wonder about my former clients and how they are fairing. I do not attempt to contact them, of course, because that would compromise the ethical code and their confidentiality. Sometimes, through natural events or through the client's attempts, I am provided a window into their continued progress. Having that continued care and interest can be a sign of a good therapist. It can become detrimental when the clinician crosses boundaries to sate his or her curiosity outside of clear clinical care.

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I specialize in clinical psychology with particular experience in clinical hypnosis, borderline personality disorder, LGBTQ, and aging. I have not worked with children for several years and would not feel comfortable answering child and adolescent based questions. My interests in adult psychology are fairly diverse, so please, sent me a question and lets see if I can help.


I have been working in the field of psychology, to some degree, since 1998. Initially, my work was more behaviorally based, but through my educational and training experiences, I have expanded to a more eclectic viewpoint. I have taught introductory psychology and have worked in college counseling. I have also studied hypnosis for several years, completing my dissertation on basic research in hypnosis. Finally, I completed my internship and residency in a transitional treatment program for young adults (18 - 16) with difficulty transitioning from home.

Doctor of Psychology 2009 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania Master of Arts in Psychology 2002 MCP Hahnemann/Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1997 Keuka College Keuka Park, New York

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