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I have to interview someone who administers psychological testing for a class paper. It is just five questions.  
1. What test is administered?
2. What does the test measure?
3. How is the test scored and interpreted?
4. Type of training and supervision the tester/psychologist had in administration, scoring, and interpretation?
5. What are the biggest challenges in injuring a reliable and valid measurement?
 Thank-you sooooo much!

Hi Gail,

Thank you for sending me your questions. The choice of test administered would depend on the assessment question. Unfortunately, I can't answer your questions properly withouthaving that information. Please ask again once you have more information.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Luna


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I specialize in clinical psychology with particular experience in clinical hypnosis, borderline personality disorder, LGBTQ, and aging. I have not worked with children for several years and would not feel comfortable answering child and adolescent based questions. My interests in adult psychology are fairly diverse, so please, sent me a question and lets see if I can help.


I have been working in the field of psychology, to some degree, since 1998. Initially, my work was more behaviorally based, but through my educational and training experiences, I have expanded to a more eclectic viewpoint. I have taught introductory psychology and have worked in college counseling. I have also studied hypnosis for several years, completing my dissertation on basic research in hypnosis. Finally, I completed my internship and residency in a transitional treatment program for young adults (18 - 16) with difficulty transitioning from home.

Doctor of Psychology 2009 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania Master of Arts in Psychology 2002 MCP Hahnemann/Drexel University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 1997 Keuka College Keuka Park, New York

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