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Hi. I enjoy getting spanked by my boyfriend. As my email suggests, I tend to be a very aggressive person in real life, but in bed I'm as meek as a kitten. I enjoy being dominated in bed, but hate being bossed around in real life. Is this dichotomy between my the way I am in bed and the way I am in real life weird? Also, I hated being spanked as a kid, but enjoy it as an adult. I especially enjoy being cuddled/held afterward. My mum used to hold me after a spanking and I still remember how loved I felt during that. Sometimes I worry that my mind got spanking and feeling loved crossed or something. Does this sound healthy? I enjoy my sex life, but I worry that I'm not normal sometimes.

Hi Rose,
Your experience is actually typical of those who enjoy such things. No its weird.
Typically they are powerful people who feel good by letting another take control for a short time.
Many people who enjoy this activity were never spanked or hated it as a child.
You are an adult and having a sexual response to stimulation near your genitals a person who makes you aroused. Not hard to understand. People often feel comfort in memories of childhood. Being held in itself is comforting.
Unless you being really abused and actually really injured seriously there no real reason to be worried. I would read also this so you know if you are in abusive relationship, or just enjoying a little spice in your sex life.

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