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Greetings !
Hoping all is well.
I am haunted by a mistake I made about a year and a half ago. Out of a jest I contacted a neighbor who I do not know via the internet and pretended to be a woman. It was really very silly stuff and he went along with it for a time.
Then he sent me an email threatening me with the police. I immediately stopped emailing him.  He lives right across the street from me.  
These people from Day One have never spoken to my family.  I often have the secret fear that this person may know that the person who played this trick might be me.  When I am outside of my home these people go back into their houses or that is what it appears to me.
I regret having played this joke and can I rest assured that its forgotten or do these people really suspect that the prankster was me and that someday there will be major repercussions ?  Again I do not communicate with this person.....I purposely lost their email address and I do not even know their names.  I have not spoken to them before or since.
Please advise.
Thanks !
PS : I live in a highly polarized neighborhood. My neighbor on my left has a major hatred for both me and my family......he has screamed out into the street that I am a 'closet gay' and 'child molester' of which I am fact I had to report him to the police twice.  He has since stopped the comments.
Am I in a mess or just paranoid or wracked by guilt ?


Thank you for contacting me here at AllExperts. I don't know if you are being paranoid or not as I am not able to observe their reactions, sorry. What I can say, however is that unless you know someone well, you should not play jokes on them. From your neighbor's perspective, if he has figured out that it was you playing the joke, then he and your other neighbors may have talked about your behavior, not knowing it was a joke. I would recommend that you contact a therapist in your local area to explore your feelings about this entire situation and to discuss more appropriate venues for your sense of humor.

Best wishes,
Dr. Luna


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