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It seems to me that these days there are a lot more women who I anyway would consider attractive in well paying jobs. I know research has been done that has shown that attractive people are favored in better paying careers as reported often by NBC, but the jobs I am taking notice of are jobs that require a certain amount of education like medical doctors, nurses, and even lawyers and upper management. Other than bias on the part of employers has it been shown that attractive women have better jobs? It seems to me that maybe 1/2 of nurses I've seen are attractive while 1/10 of fastfood workers (even those that are in college) are that attractive. Are better looking people also more intelligent, or at least more confident and ambitious?


Thank you for submitting you question to me here at AllExperts. I don't know of specific research on more attractive people seeking out higher educational placements, however I do think that you are noticing something else.People (not just women, but men too) who are satisfied with their daily life situation (job, relationship opportunities/status, etc...) are more likely to take better care of themselves, be more self confident, and seek out new opportunities than people who are less happy. Think of it this way, if you have a brand new, top-of-the line car are you going to treat it the same as an old beater that is on its last legs? Not likely! You will fuel it up with the highest quality fuel, get regular car washes, be super attentive to the maintenance schedule, you get it.

Although I could not find any *specific* research on this topic (hint - this would be a great thesis), based on my knowledge of psychological principles, I would say that it is not that "...better looking people are more intelligent..." but they may present as more confident and ambitious.

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Dr. Luna


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