QUESTION: How can someone get the best out of hypnosis? In college I was depressed and went to see a hypnotist and they had me listen to "Confidence Creator" by Mind Magic (Scott McFallen), which was (and still is) a very well put together and articulated audio CD. However after a while it becomes stale and I know the dialog pretty much verbatim and I distract myself. Other than continuing to spend $30 or so on the drop of a hat for a new CD that pretty much uses the same language, how can I renew the effectiveness of an old audio CD? Also how can I compensate for the lack of specificity in the suggestions since there is no reference to my own personal history to reinforce the beliefs?

Also how effective is it to be listening to suggestions in your ear for at least 8 of the hours that you're awake? Would that be effective? Close to brain washing? lol. I really want some positive suggestions to stick.

Also just an observation. The people at the hypnosis clinic seemed like a fidgity group of people with eyes wide open. They give off a rather odd vibe as if they themselves have been programed by someone. lol. After a while of using hypnosis are there any known health risks?

ANSWER: James,

Thank you for submitting your questions to me here at AllExperts! First, let me address the health risks. No, there are no known health risks to hypnosis. Obviously, don't go into a relaxed trance while driving, but otherwise, no concerns.

Okay, more importantly, how can you get the most out of hypnosis. I do not recommend commercial CDs for long term use, regardless of how good they are. Generally, you continue to change and grow across your life time and the CD does not. Instead, find a clinical hypnotherapist who is willing to help you with hypnosis by making a recording that is specifically tailored to your needs and who is also willing to teach you to do self-hypnosis so that you can continue to adapt the scripts for your specific needs.

Best wishes,
Dr. Luna

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QUESTION: I also have the self-hypnosis hyponosis CD too. I just don't really what suggestions I would give myself and I don't think I could make myself sound confident enough that I would want to agree with myself. lol. Well why wouldn't the commercial CD work over time? My need for confidence in general has never changed. I can't afford to see a hypnotist on any normal basis. It cost like $600 for 3 sessions last time, and since I was going to college at the time it seemed like a drop in the bucket, but now that is a huge amount to spend on someone basically talking to me.

The reason that the commercial CD may not work over time is that you may have gotten all that you can from that particular product and would likely benefit from a personally tailored approach. Hypnotherapy is an investment in yourself. It is up to you to decide whether you are worth it.

Best wishes,
Dr. Luna


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