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Psychology/No joke -- Social norms and teddy bears, etc.


Hello, and thank you for being willing to answer questions.

1. I  enjoy pretending that stuffed animals (such as teddy bears) are alive and intelligent, that they have their own countries, armies, technologies, cultures, civilizations, and the like. Similarly, I love Sesame Street, and I love imagining that all sorts of science fiction concepts and fantastical concepts are real.

2. I feel so overwhelmingly alone in this that it is as though I am going mad, and I do not know what to do. I would welcome any advice you might have on how to feel less alone when it comes to these interests, especially the stuffed animals. What would you do to find other such people who are fascinated by such things? It is especially hard because I despise Facebook and absolutely refuse to have anything to do with it, distrusting its security precautions. I cannot ask strangers wether they like stuffed animals.

3. Please understand that this is a very serious question, and not a joke. It is one of the most serious questions I have ever had, and I have worked on it for more than two decades, with no success. I have decided that I refuse to be ashamed, I refuse to cover it up anymore, and refuse to continue assuming that nothing can ever be done, and I refuse to continue to believe that I will always be doomed and alone when it comes to this matter. I will no longer bow to what is expected, pretending that this enjoyment is not a big part of what makes me me, just for my interest being supposedly "abnormal" in 30-year-old men.

Thank you for your professionalism and understanding. If you feel you do not know what advice to give, please try to suggest who to ask, or in what category you believe this question should be posted. I am terrified people will refuse to take me seriously, will hate me for too much strangeness.


Thank you for submitting your query to me here at AllExperts. While your interest in the exceptional lives of stuffed animals is rare, I am certain that you are not alone. I would recommend searching for like minded people on the internet either as a google search, or more specifically, through sites such as There are many people who have found groups for their specific interests and you may also find luck in this area.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Luna


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