We have feelings and emotions inside of us. We sometimes want something outside of us that is the object of that emotion/feelingimg. Or maybe we have longing for certain feelings. How does this work?
Is this why people take drugs or watch porn? People have extreme feelings and emotions so they need something. I am not the expert so please explain this in a practical way.

Hello Andrew:

Thank you for the question. Emotions are connected to our feelings. We have 5 senses, sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. We associate or remember things we want, desire, or dream of with our memories and our feelings (the 5 senses). It is different for each of us, however we all have one thing in common: our emotions.For some, we grow up getting everything we want and as an adult, if we cannot get this it may bring about a feelings of entitlement, anger, jealousy, ect. When you mention drugs and porn, this is a separate issue. People take drugs to feel good (including alcohol and marijuana), same is true for porn (although that is more about fantasy). Other people take drugs to escape or to not feel a certain emotion like sadness or pain. I hope I answered your questions.


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