Greetings !  I'm a 55 single male who is an only son living with 2 parents and naturally trying to plan for my future.  Over the years I have run into numerous problems with several people. My current plans are not working out too well so I am concerned that with the internet and grudges many people might still hold towards me that either I am being sabotaged or there is something lurking.  I never heard from these people again. I admit to having made several mistakes as I was not 100 % certain with the people (deceptive) I knew.  Should I hold such fears or are these problems largely because of the times in which we live ?  Thanks !

Hello James:

I am so sorry that I neglected your question. This was not intentional. I have several questions for you.
Would you say your parents have planned your life for you, thus far? Do others impressions or opinions matter to you?

I would not worry about what others think of you based on the Internet, are we talking about Facebook here? Most of our fears are unfounded and not grounded in reality. Live your life, don't regret and strive to be the best person you can be.

Regards and Happy Holidays,

Dr. Stark (PH D in progress)


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