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My boyfriend and I observed a buddy of his touch private area (non exposed) while talking to a female on the phone.... We are in a debate I think the had a sexuale interest in the female...... He said I read into things to much and body language is not accurate but we both agree that it was not a scratching touch and he didn't go tho the restroom so what does it mean and how accurate is body language interpretation?

Hi Jennifer!

Thank you for the question. I would have to agree with your boyfriend, only marginally though. We are talking about human behavior, which is often misjudged or misunderstood. You brought up a great point in that body language is telling for many things. In the case of your friend on the phone with his female friend, he may have unconsciously been touching himself, however what was the duration? Also, did he become erect? You may not have read into the account inaccurately, you were being observant. Only your friend who was on the phone knows if there is an interest and it may be an unconscious one at that. Time will tell. I urge you to do some reading in psycho-physiological written by Richard F. Taflinger.   Here is the link:

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