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I never had a weakness to turn to drugs, like my brother and sister but I am the undesirable one. Why is this so?

Predisposition to drugs may affect another sibling but only to a degree. The percentages are from 40-60% heredity-wise. Another important factor is the environment, those prone to addiction coupled with a negative upbringing can also be a factor. Also, depending on the drug can also add fuel to the fire, so to speak. Count yourself fortunate that you are not an addict. Family issues, are probably the most difficult to cope with. Especially when you have siblings that you do not get along with or you cannot stand. It is unfortunate and sad that you have family members like this. Sounds like there is a lot of judgment going on. When someone with an addiction that is in recovery, especially if they are in a program tend to seek to make amends and try to understand the other family members that were affected by their addiction. Apparently not the case with your brother and sister. Instead they seek to place blame on you when they should be blaming themselves. In counseling we call this counter-transference. To conclude, here is a quote that seems appropriate (George Bernard Shaw), "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself."  


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